Registered Charity Number 1176293

Krasacc volunteer training.

Dear Loose Change Charity,

We would like to thankyou for kind donation of £500 towards the recruitment and training of volunteers in to our service.
Krasacc volunteers are a valued resource for our centre and loose change charity has contributed towards our costs and enabled us to recruit and offer training to 8 new volunteers. Our training programme for volunteers is a 6 week intensive training package which includes:

  • Introduction to Krasacc; ethos and services.
  • Definition of Sexual and Domestic violence from a feminist perspective.
  • Awareness of Sexual and domestic violence and its impact.
  • Effects of Sexual and Domestic violence.
  • Oppression and difference.
  • Telephone helpline skills; core conditions, telephone skills, case studies and roleplays.
  • Skills practice.

The volunteers we have recruited are 7 helpline workers and one counselling placement.

The helpline acts as a gateway in to our services and also offers emotional support to survivors and members of their family who have experienced or been affected Sexual Violence. In this financial year alone we have had more than 1,400 calls to our helpline so for us it is imperative we keep it running with well trained volunteers.

Krasacc recognises the value volunteers bring to services and we are keen to ensure the training given is of the highest quality to do this we need to be able to plan, prepare and deliver the training without it affecting or interrupting our current client services.

We are keen to see volunteers personally grow throughout our training and induction process and eventually progress onto further programmes like education ,training and employment. This does mean that we need to keep a rolling programme of volunteer recruitment and as always resources are  an issue for small groups like ourselves and contributions from groups like yourselves are much appreciated and enable us to continue supporting survivors of Sexual Violence.

Once again thank you.
Kind Regards

Heather Cooper
Service Director